Hey, I’m Zeyna.

Born and raised in Casablanca, my passion for photography flourished via another passion of mine:  traveling.

At 18, I moved to Canada to pursue  Marketing studies at McGill university , that I freshly graduated from.

 At the age of 22, I created my own visual branding agency Zey studios.

Combining a business administration background to my artistic eye provided me with complementary storytelling skills. Zey studios understands client's needs from both creative and Marketing oriented point of views.


While I am flexible to conduct the artistic process from A to Z, here is a list of the services I can offer.

Art Direction

Answering to brand's marketing campaign needs by creating tailored creative solutions and directing the artistic process from A to Z. It can range from short film cinematography to photoshoot set design.


The service includes pre-production brainstorming, studio/outdoor photoshoot and post production editing. 

The artistic direction service covers the model casting, location hunting, hair, make up and styling decisions.

Videos & Cinematography

The service includes pre-production brainstorming, video shoot and post production editing.

Services can range from small youtube commercials , to  short film cinematographer to IGTVs and Reels filming.

Ready to create unforgettable stories ?


442 South 5th, Brooklyn NYC

+1 609 401-3924


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