This series , along with the photos documenting that introspective journey.

 2020: Lock down

That date marked the indefinite pause to our fast lives, and the begining of the stillness of the mind. This gallery goes through my journal entries from the first lock down. The 4 walls of my apartment turned into mirrors, turning the camera focus inwards. 

Part 1:  Denial.

May 14th, 2020

Our relationship with time and space changed. The future is uncertain, the past painful. The present ?  Uncomfortable. Nostalgia is somehow my only escape from reality.

I enjoy this time I have for myself, going through my pictures, my old journals. Reading how happy I was volunteering in the Philippines when I was 17, teaching children english, and getting thought how to be happy with nothing. I don’t remember the last time I was that present. 

Chapter 2: Embellishment 

Between  nostalgia of the  past and future uncertainty, my memories quickly saturated.

I however found in my passion another way to escape from daily anxiety : creation.

My photographs were not about capturing moments in time anymore but more about creating my own dimension. Out of space and out of time. 

To do so, I picked different female muses, and played around with patterns, colours and shapes, to conceptualise and embody my dystopian vision of 2020.

This series name is intempor(elles) , a wordplay in french combining  female vision and timelessness. 

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