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Zey studios is a visual branding agency. 
 In today’s information overloaded world, the average person encounters up to 10,000 ads every single day.
Zey studios's mission is to  build your brand personality through visuals that stand out .

Wether you are a talent, an event, an artist, you are a brand.  We help you find what makes you unique,  and visually highlight it.
Our weapon ? Creativity

Welcome to Zey's vision. 

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Step 1: Scan

We help you define your brand personality through a customised questionnaire about your, values, aspirations and objectives. 

Step 2: Imagine

Around the values extracted from the questionnaire, I design a Moodboard  creating a universe around the brand. 

Once aproved, I find the appropriate location, and start building/ leading my team of make up artists, models, and stylists.

Step 3: Create

Following the moodboard, I lead the artistic direction and photography of the shooting.

Then, I offer post production editing that can integrate some graphic brand elements to the photos. 

Step 4: Follow up

I design Instagram feed with the content and help my clients planning their posts ahead.

Zey studios is always  available for marketing advice with past clients. 

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