Visual introspection Chapter 4: Renewal
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Borders were closing and I had to come back home, Morocco  for which I held a bitter sweet feeling. 

I was raised in a  cultural bubble, torn between a conservative culture and French post colonial influences. That bubble has its own social conventions, in a reality far from Moroccan raw culture. 

 As the pandemic had offered me the time to get to know myself better, my perception changed along with it.


I traveled alone in places where I was raised to believe were forbidden to explore as women, acted as a naive tourist to overcome the judgemental biases of an overprotective education. 

I got to rediscovered the beautiful details of a welcoming colourful culture, that today, I am happy to fully embrace as a major part of my identity. 

That's how I got inspired to launch Zey studios, finally understanding my father's moto "bloom where you're planted".

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